Export vehicle

Are you a private individual and would you like to export a vehicle? At our office you can apply for all the required export documents and vehicle registration numbers.

At our office you can apply for the export documents as mentioned below:

Export declaration
VWE Export Certificate
Declaration of type-approval data car
EAD customs document
Export number plates
Green Card
Car Assistance
Export declaration

The export declaration is the most important document required when exporting a vehicle. This document serves as proof that your vehicle has been officially registered for export in the vehicle register. This means that you are no longer liable for the vehicle-related obligations.

The issue of this document terminates the validity of the vehicle registration document. You may no longer use the vehicle on public roads, unless you apply for an export registration number.

To obtain an export declaration, please bring along the following items to our office:

Your complete, most recent vehicle registration document Part I (IA), Part II (IB) and a Copy of Part III/Transfer certificate (II);
The accompanying number plate or plates;
Original and valid proof of identity.

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